Junior Riders

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Times – School terms

Each term begins on the 2nd Tuesday of each Victorian school term, with a duration of 8 weeks.
Due to general weather conditions in late summer, the youngest group will not run in term 1.
Registration opens the week before Term 1 begins.


There are 3 groups of Junior riders (ages are indicative):

  • Junior Dirtmasters (4-6 y.o.)
  • Middle Ringers (7-9 y.o.) – FULL as of 05FEB17 – Parent volunteers needed!
  • Senior Riders (10+ y.o.)


Online registration can be completed on this printable form. During registration, bikes and gear must be scrutinised for suitability in off-road use.

Essential gear includes:

  • Helmet
  • Water must be carried in a caged bottle or camelbak
  • Good  gloves are strongly recommended.

Once you have registered with Beechworth Chain Gang (BCG), members will need to join Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) and nominate BCG as their club of choice.


MTBA membership is $45 p.a. The program cost is $30 to BCG for each of terms 2 – 4. Payments to BCG (not MTBA) can be made to:

name: beechworth chain gang
BSB: 633-000
ACC: 150 182 673


Session information

Tuesday afternoon sessions begin at 4:30pm.
A BCG Volunteer will control a marshalling area between the car park and the bicycle area, for the duration of the session.

Term 1

  • 7/2/17 – Beechworth MTB Park
  • 14/2/17 – Beechworth MTB Park
  • 21/2/17 – Beechworth MTB Park
  • 28/2/17 – Beechworth Train Station
  • 7/3/17 – Flame Trees
  • 14/3/17 – Flame Trees
  • 21/3/17 – Beechworth MTB Park
  • 28/3/17 – Beechworth MTB Park

Term 2

Junior Dirtmasters

  • 26/04/17 – Registration / Working Bee – Flame Trees
  • 02/05/17 – Train Station
  • 09/05/17 – Train Station
  • 16/05/17 – Flame Trees
  • 23/05/17 – Flame Trees
  • 30/05/17 – Flame Trees
  • 06/06/17 -Train Station
  • 13/06/17 – Train Station
  • 20/06/17 – Flame Trees
  • 27/06/17 – Flame Trees

Middle Ringers

  • 26/04/17 – Registration / Working Bee – Flame Trees
  • 02/05/17 – Beechworth MTB Park
  • 09/05/17 – Beechworth MTB Park
  • 16/05/17 – Flame Trees
  • 23/05/17 – Flame Trees
  • 30/05/17 – Beechworth MTB Park
  • 06/06/17 – Beechworth MTB Park
  • 13/06/17 – Train Station
  • 20/06/17 – Beechworth MTB Park
  • 27/06/17 – Beechworth MTB Park

Senior Dirtmasters

  • TBA
Flame Trees
At Baarmutha Station, half of the car park is cordoned off for bike parking, and the platform is the start/finish area for all activities. The Flame Trees trail begins here and heads south east, beside the rail trail.
Beechworth MTB Park
Nestled behind the Golf Course, the MTB has a complex set of bike trails. Half of the car park is cordoned off for bike parking, and is the start/finish point for all activities. The Green Loop and parts of the Blue Loop are used for training.
Beechworth Railway Station
Just off Albert rd, along the rail trail is the railway station precinct. Bike Parking is marshalled behind a set of bollards, and sections of the rail trail are used for training.


BCG Leaders use the WhatsApp service to communicate with other leaders and members for immediate information.

BCG Leaders will use email, Google Groups, and the Facebook page for more general and non-urgent information.

Please ensure that where possible, members or guardians can access these services

for all enquiries, email bcg.juniors@gmail.com


Want to help? Please do! BCG needs more parents to assist this expanding group.

Volunteers will need to complete a “working with children” check and be willing to undertake an MTBA training course, which will be organised by BCG.